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  • 30 Dec 2020 5:51 PM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    Friends and colleagues, greetings! I trust this finds you and your families safe and well wherever you are in the Commonwealth or indeed across the world.

    The end of year is a time for us to pause and to reflect.

    COVID has put the spotlight firmly on the things that matter: our family, our friends, our community and our planet.

    One of the big lessons for me from COVID has been the ability to invest in ourselves - to find ways to be the best version of ourselves.

    And I'm really proud that CSC Global Alumni offers that opportunity.

    The CSC Global Alumni provides us with a really unique opportunity... and that is to collaborate with one another and with people from all across the Commonwealth.

    We were able to very quickly pivot and change direction into the digital space when we realised we weren't going to be able to physically come together.

    That's provided further opportunities to engage with one another.

    One of the things we realised was that we've increased our level of engagement and our aspiration in 2021 is to take it to another level.

    But it needs you.

    You're the missing link.  

    In February of 2021, the board will meet for its annual general meeting.

    Over the coming weeks, you'll receive some communication from my colleagues on the board inviting you to consider how you might re-engage or even engage with CSC Global Alumni.

    Seasons Greetings and take care.

    Michael Wright, Chairman

    [Click here for Michael's full message]

  • 28 Oct 2020 10:18 PM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    At least 60 CSC alumni joined a webinar to brief our President, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal on the future of the Commonwealth Study Conferences.

    Participants came from 17 countries across the Commonwealth:

    Australia, Barbados, Burundi, Canada, Fiji, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Samoa, Solomon Islands, South Africa & UK.

    Six groups of alumni presented ideas and recommendations about the future of the CSC, which began by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 1956.

    The "pioneering spirit" of CSC global alumni was noted along with the importance of the alumni connections, particularly during the tough times being experienced across the world due to the COVID pandemic. 

  • 26 Sep 2020 7:45 PM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the Global Leadership Series, a forum featuring distinguished alumni from across the Commonwealth.

    CSC Global Alumni Chairman, Michael Wright, says he's excited by the initiative.

    "We are continually looking for ways that we can add value for all alumni and facilitate important connections amongst this impressive group of people.

    "The Global Leadership Series is a chance to tap into the experience and knowledge of some of the most distinguished alumni from across the Commonwealth," Mr Wright said.

    The first speaker will be a former Australian Government Minister and now high profile businessman, Warwick Smith AO.

    The online event will be held in October.

    DATE: 26 October

    TIME: UTC+1000

    The series will promote global thought leadership on salient leadership issues to a global public audience.

    Attendance at the events is open to all alumni of CSC programmes and their guests with Fellows (paid members) given priority access to the speakers for questions and networking.

    The events are an opportunity to reconnect, network, listen and learn from prominent Commonwealth leaders and CSC alumni and for us to engage with potential corporate and programme partners.

  • 15 Aug 2020 9:03 PM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    We'd like to wish our President, HRH The Princess Royal, a very happy birthday.


  • 15 Aug 2020 2:08 PM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    We have heard your feedback and we are embarking on a new series events to bring alumni together in the study conference groups.

    The series is called Re-CONN+CT.  

    Given the current social-distancing environment, these events will also be conducted online.  The big advantage is that we will be able to bring more people together at the same time, and save time and money.

    The first event will bring together participants in the 2015 CSCLeaders Commonwealth Study Conference.  You can register here

    To help us find all those alumni whose details are out of date, please find any photos you might still have from our programme and post them on our social media platforms:


    Please also use the hashtags:

    • #RememberWhen 
    • #TagAnAlumni 
    • #CSCGlobalAlumni 
    • #ConnectingCommonwealthLeaders
    Please get in touch if you'd like to host a Re-CONN+CT session and we'll help facilitate and support you!

  • 14 Jul 2020 4:17 PM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    CSC Global Alumni is the organisation that brings together all alumni from CSC and related programs. 

    As we grow and develop, we are keen to hear your views about what you want from CSC Global Alumni - after all, we are set up by alumni for alumni.

    This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

    Please click here.

    We believe that the real task of leaders is to create more leaders and as such we seek to provide opportunities for:

    ·        connecting with new and reconnecting with old friends

    ·        creating space for helpfully disruptive experiences

    ·        finding magic in the mix of our diverse backgrounds, histories, perspectives and interests

    ·        generative dialogue that seeks to build community both inside our group and within our projects

    ·        tapping into the wisdom in all of us

    ·        testing our ideas in a safe space

    ·        building our network for future possibilities

    ·        making our circles bigger

    We uphold the Chatham House Rule enabling a safe, equitable and just space for dialogue that makes a difference. Through this we believe that we can make the Commonwealth a better place for all.

    We thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey.

  • 2 Jun 2020 1:00 AM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    CSC Global Alumni has launched a major campaign to re-connect with long lost alumni.

    Board members are personally reaching out to alumni who've taken part in Commonwealth Study Tours going back to the 1980s. 

    CSC Global Alumni is THE organisation established to connect Commonwealth leaders who've taken part in CSC and other related programs.

    Our aim is to facilitate these important connections and be a powerful force for good in a world.

    We ask that you:

    1. Spread the word to your own friends and colleagues who took part in your study tour, no matter how recent or far back it was

    2. Connect on our social platforms - Twitter, Facebook & Linked

    3. Register on our website (

    We hope we can create lasting and meaningful connections with the thousands of alumni that are out there.


  • 14 Apr 2020 7:13 PM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    As Covid-19 has taken hold around the world we, as leaders, are grappling with uncertainty, complexity and confusion unlike anything we’ve known before.

    But how do you lead your organisation in times of fear and panic, deliver to your community when everything is uncertain, hold things together when it feels like it’s falling apart?

    As a community of Commonwealth leaders, CSC Global Alumni will be hosting regular small group CONN+CT sessions.

    These sessions are NOT presentations with more advice on Covid-19. After all, what we are dealing with now is unprecedented so it’s safe to say that no one has the right answer. 

    Instead these sessions aim to bring the best qualities of the CSC Leadership programmes you have all attended; providing safe, non-judgmental spaces where leaders can discuss their challenges, find support and feel connected.

    Visit to book a spot at one of our upcoming sessions.

  • 9 Apr 2020 8:13 PM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    As the world comes to terms with the crisis that is COVID-19, there has never been a more important time for Commonwealth leaders to stand up and contribute.

    Here is a special message from the Chair of CSC Global Alumni, Michael Wright, from Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (click on the image).

  • 13 Mar 2020 8:23 AM | John Thompson (Administrator)

    POSTPONED: As the corona virus situation is changing rapidly and the UK Government is now moving to a delay stage in the management of the virus... we have decided to postpone our Manchester pop-up till further notice.

    The health and safety of all involved - speakers and delegates - is paramount. We need to play our part in minimising unnecessary travel and enabling self-isolation where appropriate, both for protection of participants, and the wider community.

    It is disappointing to be in this position, given we have a great programme lined up but we will put it on in the future.

    In the meantime, please stay safe.


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